Today I Am A Man

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. It seems a first post has got to just be a first post, plain and simple. I am the kind of person who never writes on the first page of a notebook. Too much pressure.

I will use this space to share my thoughts on life, with an emphasis on my perspective as a transsexual man. I will probably also talk about other topics of interest to me, including Judaism, mysticism, wellness and justice. My aims are to provide an outlet for myself and to share ideas with other people.

The name of this blog is a humorous reference to a stereotypical bar mitzvah moment, and has a few other layers of meaning. It hints at my gender transition. It also gets at the fact that at age 24, I have rather recently become a man (i.e., an adult). It’s also a reminder to be more present in the moment, more aware of who I am, more grateful to be here.

Thanks for reading.



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