Good Things About Being Trans* [4]


Image: Caroline’s Cakes

I find it easy to talk to men.

Before my transition, I struggled to form friendships with guys. Men made me a little uncomfortable.

After transition, I feel at ease around other men. Male patterns of communication come very easily to me. I enjoy friendships with other guys and find it easy and fun to communicate with the men I encounter in my day-to-day life.

As a man, it is comfortable for me to go through the motions of male conversation. As a trans man, I think I bring a lack of judgment and a security in my own gender that help reduce the tensions that often mar male/male interactions. I do not feel threatened by macho posturing, flamboyant femininity, or anything in between, and I think it shows. I can meet dudes where they’re at.

What are some good things about being trans*? Send your answers to or submit anonymously.

In this series, I highlight individuals’ positive experiences. You probably won’t relate to every entry, but maybe some will resonate with you.

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