The Transition Blues

“He who can understand that the story of his higher nature is imbedded in this symbolism will receive intimations concerning a great awakening that is possible.” — A. E. Waite Source.

Sometimes, things really do get worse before they get better. I read a lot of blogs by people who are currently in transition, and I wish I could do more to help people survive that crazy time. This includes the process of self-recognition, questioning, and charting a course, as well as the process of physical, social and legal transformation. For now, let me just say this.

Transition is at once exhilarating, stressful, magical, devastating, terrifying, overwhelming and beautiful. Research suggests that during transition, we are at special risk for suicide attempts, even moreso than usual. Take care of yourself now. I personally guarantee that someday, you will see that this is one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, indeed one of the hardest things that anyone will ever do.

You went out on a journey, looking for a new life–one worth living this time. This is truly a mythic quest. You’ve met friends and enemies, overcome challenges, solved riddles. And now, you have descended to the underworld. If you feel like you’re in a living hell, well, my friend, you are. There is no way up, out or around; you can only go through. You will be a new person when you reach the other side. And you will–you must–reach the other side. Do it for all of us.

As Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Stay strong, comrades. You are not alone.


  1. Lesboi

    I feel like you wrote this beautiful post for me, but I know there are LOTS of us out here struggling over the same issues, fears, etc. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel like we’re brothers, kindred souls in some way. So much of what you write speaks to my deepest parts, my core soul. I’m so honored to be on this journey with people like you.

  2. krisalex333

    Thanks, Rimonim. Your choice of the Hanged Man tarot card is very apt. Yes, it is a crazy, stressful and often very lonely road, but the end results are worth it. Glad you are already so far along your own journey and grateful for the support you are lending to us who are still journeying. Take care.

  3. captainglittertoes

    Thanks for this! It made me tear up some. It feels hard because I am not sure if or when being in this limbo-land will end, even though I have socially transitioned everywhere. Yay for having a gender people hardly ever assume… but it’s also true that comnig out toeveryone is its special hell! I’m glad that’s done!

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